Original Style Type-1 Interiors 1949 - 1979

We have been making the original style Beetle interiors for over 10 years now. We have set the standard with our made-in-house interiors. These seats and panels are made by hand in our facility. We use our "own" panel boards. All done just as the factory made them. Satisfaction guaranteed!!"

Important message: We strongly suggest that you have a Upholstery Shop in your area install your WCCI Upholstery. Other companies make it sound so easy to install seat covers yourself with "Hog Rings" and such. Well, we do not use Hog Rings to install our seat covers and the factory did not use them either. Some companies tell you to install it yourself with these "great rings". Since we make our upholstery to the VW factory specs, they are installed the same way. The famous crease where your butt sits is not easy to do if you're an amateur, so if at all possible, do like I suggest or you can call us for some specific instructions. We know you spend alot of $$ on our products and we want you to get the best out of them that you can.