1954 Barndoor Deluxe Interior

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We have made many barndoor interiors over the years. Our interior pieces are made like the originals. The color and grain are a perfect match. Our seat covers are made of German black vinyl. Our headliners are German wool and are made with the seams above and below the side windows.

Complete Seat set Front: $750.00
Complete Seat set Middle: $825.00
Complete Seat set Rear: $750.00
Complete Panel set $3,500.00
Door panel Screw set (60 pieces): $24.00
German Sq. Weave rear carpet: $315.00
German Wool Headliner Non sunroof $1,680.00
German Wool Headliner Sunroof $1,800.00
Canvas sunroof cover $330.00
Rubber floor mat Front - (not in stock)
Rubber floor mat - cargo: $260.00
Rear and side kick panel set (WCCI Reproduction): $510.00