1964 Beetle Interior

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1964 Beetle is one year only! Very hard to get. We import from Germany the same material that was in your early Beetle when it was new. If your car is European then it came with German cloth. With these materials, we can duplicate the original interior your Beetle had.

Seat cover set: $1,800.00
Door panel set: $825.00
Side post pillars: $180.00
Front seat backrest cardboard $16.00
Grab handles: $115.00
Pillows: $420.00
Door panel molding set: $75.00
German Sq Weave Carpet (8 Piece): $540.00
Rubber Firewall Mat: $31.00 black $38.00 Gray
German Vinyl Headliner sedan: $195.00 Sunroof $260.00
Gray rubber floor mats (Front/Rear): $75.00 each
Rubber tunnel mat: $75.00
Rear carpet padding: $45.00