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1967 21 Window Bus Total Restoration

Have you been wanting a restored Bus here is your chance. What makes it hard to buy from the internet is not knowing who your dealing with.Is the Bus a real 21 window?? Did someone make it? You do not have to worry about any of that stuff because we know what we are doing. We have been in the VW Business for 32 years at the same location. SO, here is your chance to get a Bus done by us with out waiting a long time. It's an original Velvet Green/Pearl White Deluxe 21 window. We restored this Bus back to the way it was back in 1967. Color, upholstery, etc is back to original. We made the Perforated headliner and install etc. We made the Gold/Mesh Platinum. Door panels are the same material. We made the rear carpet from Oatmeal German Sq Weave. The 1500 cc engine is rebuilt and detailed. Converted to 12 volt. Transmission is all rebuilt from Rancho Transmissions in Fullerton CA. Brakes are all new and German. All parts are German where it is possible.

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65velvet-1.jpg 65velvet-2.jpg 65velvet-3.jpg 65velvet-4.jpg
65velvet-5.jpg 65velvet-6.jpg 65velvet-7.jpg 65velvet-8.jpg
65velvet-9.jpg 65velvet-90.jpg 65velvet-91.jpg 65velvet-92.jpg
65velvet-93.jpg 65velvet-94.jpg 65velvet-95.jpg 65velvet-96.jpg
65velvet-97.jpg 65velvet-98.jpg 65velvet-99.jpg 65velvet-990.jpg
65velvet-991.jpg 65velvet-992.jpg 65velvet-993.jpg 65velvet-994.jpg
65velvet-995.jpg 65velvet-996.jpg 65velvet-997.jpg 65velvet-998.jpg
65velvet-998.jpg 65velvet-990.jpg 65velvet-991.jpg 65velvet-992.jpg
65velvet-993.jpg 65velvet-994.jpg

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