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For samples or questions about upholstery,
please email Lenny.

Superior Quality Original & Custom Interiors

Beautiful 1955 Red interior!!

We are very proud that we are making these fine high quality interiors from scratch. They are truely "Vintage VW Interiors!!!"

The grain, color, shape, and stitching are very important. We have done some homework on this, and have been helped by many VW "Gurus" here in California. We make patterns from the original classics that we buy. The resulting products are as close to the original as we can possibly get. We are currently making seat covers, door panels, carpet kits, and headliners.


We have the original German square weave carpet which was the original carpet in the older VW'S. We make our carpet kits in our facility. This carpet comes in many different colors. We have Tan, Oatmeal, Red, Green, Brown, Silver blue, Light Gray, Charcoal, and Black. This carpet is made in Germany and the price reflects it, but it is what's original for your restored VW. Carpet Samples

Seat Covers and Door Panels

We hand make all of our seat covers and door panels right here at our facility. We pay careful attention to detail. Since all of our patterns are from original seats and panels, we can be sure to have the correct grain and color. Also we have the correct smooth piping that has been non-existent for years. The door panel piping is the correct flat piping. Like the original, it allows the panel to be flat against the door.


We also make our own headliners at our facility. You can be sure its an exact fit. Our headliners are four pieces (not the standard one piece). We have original German cloth for the 1949 to 1962 and the original German Off-White Perforated for 1963 and later. Headliners

lennyEmail the CoolGuyclassicvws.com

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