FAQ for Sellers

Q. How does it work if I want WCCR to sell my car on consignment?
A. The car has to be inspected first by WCCR to make sure its of our caliber of car that we like to sell. Then the car needs to be on location

Q. How many people look at the web site at this time?
A. We have 40,000 unique visitors a month. Our 2nd most viewed page is the"for sale page"

Q. How long does it take to sell a VW?
A. Well, it depends on the price, market, etc. Our fastest sale was 1 hour. But, in most cases with in a month or two.

Q. How long will WCCR keep a car for sale.?
A. Well, it depends on certain facts. Sometimes of a car does not sell we try to get the owner to lower the price. We don't want cars just sitting here for storage so, we try very hard to get the car sold

Q. Who are the potential buyers for my Classic VW?
A. We sell these cars all over the world. It could go to NJ or it could go to Japan or Europe. Since we have been in business for 16 years we are very well known.

Q. Is my car safe while its there at WCCR?
A. Well, we have never had any problems with break ins or anything like that. We have camera security along with a very good alarm system. No VW's are left outside period!!! Lenny would not be able to sleep at night with any car outside. (You don't want to see Lenny with no sleep!!!)

Q. Do I leave my title with WCCR?
A. NO, never give the titla to anyone with out first getting your money..

Q. How do I get paid?
A. When your car sells we exchange money for title of the VW