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Consignment Sales

We currently sell 5 to 10 VW's a month and we need good candidates for our future customers to buy. This is where you come in, being owners of nice vintage VW's. Instead of having to advertise the car and have people come to your house to see it, we can gladly take the car in our stock and entertain potential customers at our facility. We will negotiate the best price. Since we work on a commission basis, we work at getting the most for the car as we can. When you consign your car to us we have a legal contract for you to sign. You hold the title to your car until I hand you the money.

My name and our companies reputation is so trusted that we sell nearly every car sight un-seen. I had a customer tell me that he never entertained the thought of buying a car with out looking at it himself first. When I got done with him, he sent me the money and I sent him the Camper Bus. When the Bus arrived, he called me to tell me that the vehicle was better than described. This is what we live for!! We have integrity and that is not something that money can change. But, the same is true that if your car does not pass our strict inspection then we would not be able help up you sell it.

Here are some of the cars we have sold for customers.

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sale-1.jpg sale-2.jpg sale-3.jpg sale-4.jpg sale-5.jpg
sale-6.jpg sale-7.jpg sale-8_sm.jpg sale-9.jpg sale-90.jpg
sale-91.jpg sale-92.jpg sale-93.jpg sale-94.jpg sale-95.jpg
sale-96.jpg sale-97.jpg sale-98_sm.jpg sale-99.jpg sale-990.jpg
sale-991.jpg sale-992.jpg sale-993.jpg sale-994.jpg sale-995.jpg
sale-996.jpg sale-997.jpg sale-998_sm.jpg sale-999.jpg sale-9990.jpg
sale-9991.jpg sale-9992.jpg sale-9993.jpg sale-9994.jpg sale-9995.jpg
sale-9996.jpg sale-9997.jpg sale-9998_sm.jpg sale-9999.jpg sale-99990.jpg
sale-99991.jpg sale-99992.jpg sale-99993.jpg sale-99994.jpg sale-99995.jpg
sale-99996.jpg sale-99997.jpg sale-99998_sm.jpg sale-99999.jpg sale-999990.jpg
sale-999991.jpg sale-999992.jpg sale-999993.jpg

lennyEmail the CoolGuyclassicvws.com

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